General information about the study programme

What exactly is behind the term “study biochemistry/chemistry/pharmacy”?
You can find a lot of information on the department’s homepage.

Group in which useful documents (legal) from previous semesters are made available. Everyone is invited to make helpful documents available to everyone:
Student group Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy

Book exchange
Right on time at the beginning of each semester, the topic becomes topical again: the procurement of books. However, many works are dispensable as soon as the lecture is over and some of them are hardly used. In the book exchange (Facebook group), you can trade them easily across all years.

Hardware and Software
Every year in September, students can buy cheap hardware and software at Software can be bought cheaply at and All three sites work with the normal SWITCH login from the campus account.

There are printing stations all over the campus of the University of Bern, which can be used by students and staff. Detailed information can be found on the website of the IT-Service.

All students receive a UNICARD at the beginning of their studies. The UNICARD is an electronic ID card in credit card format issued by the University of Bern. It serves as a student ID card for students and as an identity card for staff. You can find more information here.

Research at the DCBP
Have you ever wondered what research is actually done at the DCBP? What the lecturers are working on full-time and what will also become a topic for you as soon as you get closer to working in a research group? Here you will find all the news about research at the DCBP, and also a list of all the research group leaders. Most of the groups also have their own website, which is worth checking out every now and then 😉