What we do for you

Well, not what the abbreviation suggests; we leave the playing of football to the initiative of each individual, and discussions about the most important secondary matter in the world have never been put on the agenda for meetings. The activities of the professional association can be divided into 3 areas: Representation of interests, services and events such as parties and excursions.

Representation of interests

We have a say and help shape things! By sending a representative to the meetings of the departmental management, we find out what is going on behind the scenes, can contribute our students’ opinions and make our own suggestions. In this way, we are present when curricula are redesigned or new professorships are to be filled. We are the point of contact when fundamental problems arise with the degree programme or individual courses. By carrying out lecture evaluations, we try to detect deficiencies in teaching as quickly as possible and then seek solutions together with the lecturers. In addition, we are represented in the Phil.-nat. faculty, so that we can also have a say at the next higher level.


  • Sale of Lab-coats and scripts
  • Supervision of the student group and the book exchange
  • Guided tours for new exchange and master students
  • Organising visit days for Gymnasium students
  • Organisation of students for information events at Gymnasiums
  • Support in finding tutoring


The departmental association organises various events for the students and PhDs of the department. These include the annual events such as the first-semester apero, the Samichlousepunch, the Jassturnier and the Maibowle. In cooperation with the DCBP alumni, the annual career information evening and a company visit take place.