What exactly does “studying chemistry/biochemistry/pharmacy” mean? You can find detailed information about it on our department’s website.

Important information


In the following ILIAS groups, you will find useful documents provided from previous semesters. Everyone is invited to make helpful documents available to all students. (The FCBP does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the documents and disclaims any responsibility for possible plagiarism.)

 Hard- & Software

Every year in September, students have the opportunity to purchase affordable hardware and software products at Additionally, you can acquire software at discounted prices through and All three websites support login with the SWITCH Campus account credentials.


Printing / Uniprint

Printer stations are available across the entire campus of the University of Bern for use by both students and staff. For more information, please visit the IT-Services website.



At the beginning of their studies, all students receive a UNICARD. This UNICARD is an electronic ID card in credit card format issued by the University of Bern. It serves as both a student ID card for students and as a staff ID card for employees. You can find further information about it here.

Important places

The Student Association has created a helpful orientation map highlighting key institutes, cafeterias, and shopping options. Within a radius of a maximum of 10 minutes walk, you’ll find a diverse range of takeaway options between 9.- and 14.- (it’s worth trying them all).
Microwaves are available in front of lecture hall U113 and the cafeteria at DCBP. To ensure they remain usable, all students must contribute to keeping the microwaves and their surroundings clean. Additional microwaves can be found in the SUB-Hut (in front of Unitobler) and the Woker cafeteria.

Study regulations

The study plan is undoubtedly one of the most essential regulatory documents for you, as it governs all fundamental aspects of your studies, such as grade weightings, repeats, and course scheduling changes. We strongly recommend consulting the appendices for those who find the paragraphs too complex. These provide a simplified and clear summary of the study program in a table format.

 Chemistry & Molecular Sciences

 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

 Pharmaceutical Sciences